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Trust & Safety forums issue this morning

Posted by eBay Chatter on September 25, 2007 at 11:15 AM in General | Permalink

Laura3 Some of our readers may have learned of an issue that occurred early this morning on one of our discussion forums.  I've been talking with our Account Security and Legal teams, and I'd like to share some more details about this incident.

Very early this morning, a malicious fraudster posted on the Trust & Safety forum on posing as approximately 1,200 eBay users.  The fraudster made these posts in a way that was intended to appear as though he logged in with their accounts.  The posts contained name and contact information, which appears to be valid, and could have been secured as part of an account take over. 

The posts ALSO appeared to contain credit card information -- however, these credit cards are not associated with financial information on file for these users at eBay or PayPal.  We're in the process of reaching out by phone to these members to, so that if the information is valid somehow -- regardless how this fraudster acquired the information -- these members can take the steps they need to take to protect themselves.

eBay and our forums vendor, LiveWorld, began taking steps to remedy the situation within an hour after it started. As things evolved behind the scenes, a decision was made to make the the Trust & Safety forum unavailable to our Community.  It's still temporarily inaccessible, as the teams work on this issue. 

I'll update this story later as we have more to share.


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