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eBay Artist has Painting on Prison Break

Posted by Ryan on January 22, 2007 at 03:49 PM in eBay in Pop Culture , General | Permalink

Ryan_post2Fox's Prison Break returns tonight (following an extended hiatus and last week's 4 hour premiere of 24) which not only brings back the greatest night of implausible plot twists in recent history, but creates one of the biggest logjams my TiVo has ever seen.  Looks like I won't be learning who from Heroes is "on the list" until later in the week, and I doubt I'll have anything left in the tank for Studio 60.

What does this have to do with eBay?  Admittedly not a whole lot, but when I got an email about a Canadian artist whose art had been on Prison Break, I had to do a little more research.  It turns out that Osnat (eBay ID os-box), recently featured on a Canadian news program, had one of her paintings used as set decoration during season 1 of the show.  It can be seen hanging in the office of now deceased attorney Veronica (she failed to survive the season 2 premiere).

The news piece doesn't mention Prison Break, but her story is still fun to hear.

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